Think logically.

Kavanaugh hearings don’t make sense.

Optics are horrible for Dems.

Almost as if someone is setting them up.

Is Q forcing them to behave like idiots?

Jul 2018, Feinstein gets “Ford’s letter”.

Aug 2018, Feinstein has a Chinese spy.

Sep 2018, Feinstein introduces letter.

Oct 2018, Feinstein outed for fake letter?

Nov 2018, Feinstein resigns in shame?

Feinstein has never been weaker.

Yet, she is the face of “the letter”.

The Left is fantastic at framing people.

Yet they completely botched this one.

Doesn’t make any sense at all.

Unless Q is using false flags on them.

Offering reduced sentences to play along.

Your job is to make people HATE DEMS.

Your job is to make people WANT CHANGE.

So Trump can fix a far bigger problem.

Separation of Powers missing in DC.

Separation of Powers missing for States.

3 Branches collude together illegally.

Kavanaugh confirmation is a Q-OP.

To reform Separation of Powers.

To get libel & slander laws changed.

To force Ryan to cause a Senate recess.

So Trump can issue Recess Appointments.

To get all his Judicial nominees confirmed.

Before Military Tribunals start in 2019.

Ahead of schedule.

Under budget.